Capsulier LITE’s the mess free capsule maker

Capsulier observes the selection of espresso capsule is very limited. Besides, the coffee capsule is at least packed for six months or even more stacking in a grocery shop. In addition, it has been ages about coffee capsule waste has become a serious environmental pollution. Capsulier recognizes this prevailing problem that threatens to anyone like us.

The team persist to develop an innovative product that can make a slightly change to live smart, and stay healthy. It turns out freshly brewed, wider capsule coffee selection and also cost effective are the key factors to coffee lovers. Capsulier LITE is the one stop, simple to use, mess free, Capsulier Packaging Machine. Capsulier redefines the standard of capsule coffee.
Capsulier gives the coffee-consumer the ability to integrate their personal preferences into their coffee, beyond the stereotypical flavors pushed by brand names and conglomerate companies. The capsule packaging gadget makes custom-blend in seconds, pops easily into espresso machines, and creates any kind of blend a coffee-lover can dream of.


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  • Don Zapotny

    I love ❤️ this machine and would like to buy 4 more capsule with replacement screen and rubber gasket don’t see a place to order them

  • David bOgie

    Your stainless steel capsules are a bad idea. See my thorough and totally objective examination of WayCaps’ thrice-damned products:

  • Mikel Olaizola Garcia

    Querria saber si hay para otras cafeteras.

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