How to make a good coffee

Begin with fine ground to grind your fresh coffee

When the coffee bean is fresh, it is suggested to grind your coffee to be around 0.55-0.8mm or below (i.e. super fine grind or fine grind). The longer time the bean is stored, the more coarse shall be grounded. If the coffee beans are dark roasted, it is recommended to grind around 0.7 - 0.85mm or greater. After all, the coffee bean itself has variable factors such as grind size (fine & coarse), roast level (dark or medium), storage duration and humidity. We say the fresh coffee bean, the better capsule making will be made.

Suggest to level the lever (handle) TWO full cycles on Capsulier Lite

To prepare a good capsule packaging process, it is recommended to refill the ground coffee with pull-and-push twice (shown as the picture). The idea of pushing the lever (handle) is to tamping the ground coffee that makes more compressed. It is how Capsulier Lite controls the volume and the density of the ground coffee. As if increasing the number of the full levelling cycle, it results no coffee coming out from the coffee capsule machine.

Insert the mesh filter inside CAPSI lid

It is suggested to put the mesh filter into the Capsi lid to make a good coffee. The water flow goes through better from the capsule coffee machine when Capsi is packed.