Return and refund

Criteria for Accepting Returns/Exchange

• Capsulier promises to provide you with a “30-day Unconditional Returns/Exchange Service” (except “The Draw” products) within 30 days of your receiving your purchase (as determined by the date of signing for the purchase). You can return/replace the products you purchased at Capsulier Official site. (except “The Draw” products) for any reason or without any condition within 30 days of receiving you purchase (not applicable to gift-wrapping services and gift message note cards; specific marketing events are subject to related terms and conditions). Unless there is product quality problem, all products are allowed exchange only once, and the exchange must be a product of the same style and the same color. Please return your item together with the shipping slip or order form, otherwise we will not be able to process your returns/exchange. 

Please make sure that the item for returning/exchange is in a condition that it can be sold again and that the original package is intact.
“Returns/exchange for any reason or without any condition” are limited to the following circumstance:
• The product has any manufacturing defects;
• The color, design model and materials of product are not consistent with the description on the website;
• There is any problems in the shipping process;
• You dislike the product;
• You purchase a wrong product;
• You receive a product flawed or with any quality defects. Such product may be returned only in accordance with the return/ exchange procedure for defective products and will be subject to additional limitations;
• Certain products sold at Capsulier Official site. are provided with warranty cards.
• For some specific offers / promotion events, a full return & refund is required for the orders purchased during the event. You have to return all the discounted products of the purchase, partial return & refund will not be accepted.


Return Process

If you want to return your order, please make sure that your order meets the Criteria for Accepting Returns/Exchange. You can choose the following options:
• Process your return at Capsulier Official site. by the following steps:
    1. Send email ( to us which mentions about your name, email address, mobile number and order number on the shipping slip.
    2. Input the products you want to return and fill in the reason for returning.
    3. Send the products back to Capsulier directly through couriers.

Once we receive the returned products and determine that they satisfy return conditions, we will arrange the refund as per your request as soon as possible.

• Please pack and seal your return securely in an undamaged bag together with the shipping slip or order form. Affix the return code on the shipping slip, and ship the parcel to Capsulier service center. (Please do not pack your return in the original packing bag to prevent losing the products during shipping.)


Product Exchange Process

For product exchange, please follow these steps within 30 days of receiving the products (except “The Draw” products):
    1. Send email ( to us which mentions about your name, email address, mobile number and order number on the shipping slip.
    2. Enter the item(s) you would like to replace, identify the correct item you want to buy, and submit the product exchange application.
* When sending back the products to be replaced, it is necessary to write the replace order number on a piece of paper along with the package, or else you would have the sole responsibility of bearing the risk of product exchange. Please click here for information on shipment fees related to product exchange.

* The new exchanged item will be sent to the delivery address on the original order; if there is any change, please select the new delivery method and address when submitting the product exchange application.

* *If you request to exchange the products, your return request cannot be accepted before the exchange is completed. If you have requested an exchange for any of the products in the order, you cannot request for further exchange in the same order until the existing exchange process is completed.

• For details about My Returns/Exchanges, please make enquiries to


Refund Process

• If you paid for the products online, the refund will be paid to your account within 4-7 business days upon our receipt of the returned products. (Actual receipt date is subject to the process period of the relevant Paypal)
Our customer service staff will contact you to provide assistance for specific matters in this regard.


Returns/Exchange Shipping Fees

If you purchased any product in Capsulier Official site., you may use any courier to return the product to us, and the shipping fees will be borne by you. 


Reasons for Unacceptable Returns/Exchange

Under the following circumstances, we will not be able to process your returns/exchange :
• Products not meeting the criteria for “30-day Unconditional Returns/Exchange ”
• Products that have been improperly used, including without limitation, having touched extremely damp objects, chemicals, gasoline, paint, detergent, solvent, or cooking oil, or having been overheated 
• Products with loose threads or crackings due to external scratches by hard objects, or internal wear and tear
• Damaged products due to use for longer than service life
• Damaged products due to improper wash
• Products with color fading due to display
• Products with unclean appearance
• Non-Capsulier products
• Products not sold on Capsulier Official site., or unauthorized retailers